Guidelines for Joining IMLA

  1. The International Media Lawyers Association is an international network of lawyers working in the areas of media law, media freedom and media policy, and committed to promoting and defending the fundamental human rights of freedom of expression and freedom of information. Lawyers working in these fields may apply to join the Association. Other individuals working in the same areas, and committed to the same values, may apply for affiliate membership.
  2. IMLA is an association of individuals. Lawyers may apply for full membership. Non-lawyers may apply for affiliate membership.
  3. In order to join IMLA, candidates should submit an application, consisting of:
    1. Nomination by a Member; (if there is no Nomination by a Member, two letters of recommendation should be sent in support of the application)
    2. Signature to the Founding Memorandum of IMLA (by indicating YES in the Application form).
    3. Complete "Application Form"
    4. Submit a full CV in English
  4. The nomination of an applicant by a Member can be done either:
    1. via a direct email to the coordinator, or
    2. as a recommendation email attached to the "Application Form" that the applicant submits to the Co-ordinator.
  5. The IMLA Co-ordinator receives applications for membership.
  6. The Co-ordinator consults the Steering Committee.
  7. The Co-ordinator will only submit complete applications to the Steering Committee.
  8. For granting full membership or affiliate membership the steering committee will review and hold decisions four times per year, in January, April, June and October.
  9. The Steering Committee can reject an application on the following basis:
    1. The goals of the applicant are not corresponding with the goals of the network
    2. There is a serious objection of a member against granting membership to the applicant. (The objection should be reasonably justified for the steering committee)

IMLA Application Form