The activities of the Association are overseen by a Steering Committee composed of Members from the various world regions, as well as international media law professionals, selected by the Membership. The composition of the Steering Committee reflects the geographic diversity of the Membership.

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are the following:

  • Determining, based on recommendations from the Founding Meeting, whether other group mails are to be created. These can include mailing lists dedicated to specific thematic discussions.

  • Coordinating the work of the Association, including through the selection and supervision of the Coordinator.

  • Defining the specific responsibilities of the Coordinator.

  • Providing guidance on activities to be carried out under the auspices of the Association.

  • Promoting the Association in the international legal community and creating a network of international contacts.

  • Promoting the growth of the Association by identifying new Members, encouraging its geographic expansion and linking the Association to similar networks in other regions of the world.

  • Raising funds for key Association needs and activities, such as the Coordinator, the website, an annual meeting, and other events and activities.


In November 2007, online elections took place and the following people were elected as members of the permanent Steering Committee:

  • Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai
    Society for Democratic Initiatives, Sierra Leone
  • Dave Heller
    Media Law Resource Center, New York
  • George Hwang
  • Pouya Kandehari
    Internews Network, Afghanistan
  • Helena Mandic
    Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
  • Zenet Mujic
  • Eleonora Rabinovich
    Assocation for Civil Rights, Buenos Aires

Nicole Stremlau

Dr Nicole Stremlau took over as Co-ordinator of IMLA in January 2009, when she joined the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford. Her research is in the field of media and conflict particularly in Eastern Africa. She recently completed her PhD at the London School of Economics Development Studies Institute.   She has directed research and training projects for DFID (the Department for International Development), the Foreign Office and others and recently published an article on public opinion research in conflict zones arising from work in Darfur.  Dr Stremlau was previously Director of the Africa programme for the Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy Research.

The role of the IMLA Coordinator is to facilitate the exchange of information among the Membership, and the development of joint projects and ideas proposed by the Membership.

The Coordinator’s responsibilities are:

  • Overseeing the operation of the Association’s mailing list
    ( the “Medialaw” list ).

  • overseeing the development and running of the Association’s website, liaising with Members to elicit information for the website and ensuring that it is regularly updated;

  • producing and distributing the newsletter;

  • assisting the Steering Committee in the development and implementation of the internal procedures of the Association;

  • assisting the Membership in identifying professional contacts and resources; and

  • identifying potential new Members and opportunities for promoting the Association.